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NABH Champions PAC:
The Key to Our Advocacy Success

NABH Champions PAC: The Key to Our Advocacy Success

The National Association for Behavioral Healthcare’s (NABH) mission is removing barriers to care and expanding access. The NABH Political Advocacy Program is committed to protecting this critical mission. Here’s how:


NABH lobbyists establish relationships with Members of Congress and educate them about the impact their decisions have on the behavioral healthcare industry. This helps build bridges of understanding between our providers and lawmakers.

Our team advocates for the interests of NABH’s members and has a proven advocacy track record on legislative and regulatory issues. Our recent highlights include:


  • Established the Access to Care initiative to educate policymakers on:
    • Unjust managed care practices
    • Need for regulatory relief
  • Partial Repeal of Medicaid’s IMD Exclusion


  • Medicare OTP bundle closely tracked NABH’s recommendations and positions
  • CMS’s guidance on ligature risk aligned with our recommendations
  • CMS’s Frequently Asked Questions on EMTALA supported NABH’s recommendations

Grasstops Advocacy

Member participation is key to ensuring elected officials know we are invested in our industry’s future.


Congress wants to hear from you.

  • Attend NABH Hill Day. Meet with Congress in their Washington, D.C. offices to advocate for behavioral healthcare priorities.
  • Host a Congressional Visit at your facility. Show Congress the critical role that you play in their district.

NABH Champions PAC

The only association PAC dedicated to representing the needs of behavioral healthcare providers.

Every dollar contributed to the PAC goes directly toward electing and reelecting champions for behavioral healthcare on both sides of the aisle in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. We support candidates who are supportive of ensuring greater access to care; that sit on key committees of jurisdiction; or that have a significant NABH presence in their district.

Be an advocate!

Your contributions to the NABH Champions PAC enhance our lobbying and grasstops efforts. By strengthening these assets, we can promote the interests of behavioral healthcare providers and secure patient access to care across the entire behavioral healthcare continuum.

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